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Be aware of the risks your workers face on the job

The oil and gas industry presents a variety of hazards for your workers. Many injuries and deaths that happen in the oilfield are preventable.


These kinds of accidents, usually related to your equipment, comprise 3 of every 5 on-site deaths in the industry. You can reduce the chance of these kinds of injuries and deaths by continuously inspecting equipment, conducting thorough training for every single worker who will come in contact with the equipment, and outfitting workers with the correct protective gear.

Correct protective gear can help prevent these deaths:

Collisions and Accidents

Because your workers often travel to remote areas down country roads that are not well-maintained, risk of a vehicle accident is particularly high in the oil and gas industry. According to OSHA, 4 out of every 10 workers killed in the industry die as a result of a vehicle collision.

Fires and Explosions

Your workers perform their duties around highly flammable substances every day. If correct procedures are not followed, a fire or explosion can easily occur. Someone could light a cigarette without thinking, or lightning could even strike the wrong place. The proper clothing and gear helps protect your workers should an accident happen.

Other Hazards

There are many other hazards your workers in the oil and gas industry face on a daily basis.

They may work in confined spaces such as storage tanks, mud pits and other excavated areas. You should have good confined space entry procedures and appropriate equipment and planning should workers need to exit quickly.

Fall protection is another key area of focus, because your workers will often perform their duties on high platforms and tall equipment.

Operating heavy equipment also exposes workers to various ergonomic hazards, so you should educate workers on how to safely use the equipment and plan tasks adequately.