Government and Municipal

Safety Supply Capabilities Statement

Company Designations

Fed EIN: 74-2280153 DUNS #: 10-272-7351 CAGE #: 44829 GSA Schedule 84: GS-07F-0279W TXMAS #: 14-84070

Core Competencies

NAICS CODES 423450 – Industrial safety devices (e.g., eye shields, face shields, first-aid kits) merchant wholesalers 423840 – Industrial supplies (except disposable plastics, paper) merchant wholesalers 424320 – Men’s and boys’ clothing & glove merchant wholesalers 424330 – Women’s clothing & glove merchant wholesalers 424340 – Boots (e.g., hiking, western, work) merchant wholesalers 423850 – Firefighting equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers 453998 – Police supply stores
Safety Supply Inc is a market leader in the distribution of industrial personal protective equipment, workplace safety, and public safety items. Our primary products fall into the following main categories:
  • Head and Face Protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Safety Gloves
  • Hi-Visibility Clothing
  • Fall Protection
  • Flame Resistant Clothing & Accessories
  • Traffic Safety Devices
  • Gas Monitoring
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Safety Footwear
  • Heat Stress Protection
  • Lockout Devices
  • Spill Control & Containment
  • Disposable Garments
  • Ballistic Armor
  • Combat Gear
  • Holsters & Weapon Accessories
  • Improved First Aid Kits (IFAK)

Past Performance

Buyer: USDA Contract: AG-6395-D-12-0519 (Chemical Suits) Start: 09/2012 End: 05/2013 Value: $1,790,546 Contact: Larry Nelson Email:
Buyer: TX Dept of Public Safety Contract: 345-M1 (WMD KIT) Start: 07/2003 End: 02/2014 Value: $2,727,871 Contact: Manuel Perez Email:
Buyer: Secret Service Contract: HSSS01-13-F-0133 (Respiratory Equipment) Start: 09/2013 End: 10/2013 Value: $200,000 Contact: Constantine Sofologis Email:
Buyer: State of Texas Entities Contract: 680-A1 (Police Equipment) Start: 12/2009 End: 10/2014 Value: $2,816,077 Contact: Richard Olsen Email:
Buyer: Dept of Homeland Security Contract: HSSS01-14-F-0126 (CBRN Equipment) Start: 09/2014 End: 10/2014 Value: $483,000 Contact: Michael Email:
Buyer: TX Dept of Public Safety Contract: 345-M2 (Clandestine Lab Kits) Start: 05/2003 End: 02/2015 Value: $369,395 Contact: Bobby Pounds Email:

Protecting public workers is a top priority at Safety Supply. We strive to provide the proper equipment for those who protect us every day and keep our communities running smoothly.

We believe the public worker deserves only the best in safety equipment, so we offer a wide variety of gear and clothing for employees in the public sector. Safety Supply aims to be a one-stop shop for all public safety needs and specialize in essentials like cut-resistant gloves, high-visibility vests, rainwear, disposable clothing, rubber boots and waders. Government and municipal workers as diverse as crossing guards, electrical workers, and wastewater treatment workers require many different kinds of equipment, and we aim to provide them all. In addition, we offer professional consultation to ensure you receive the appropriate gear. Improper or old equipment can be an especially high risk for these people who are such a vital part of our communities, so we provide clothing and equipment that is top-of-the-line, cost-effective, and built to last.

Not sure what to select? Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call today, and one of our experienced associates will be glad to assist.

Let us know about your specific needs and we can customize safety equipment for your team.