Hand Protection

MCR Safety has redefined the PPE industry with its high safety standards and commitment to excellent craftsmanship.

Your gear needs to perform at the level you do. MCR Safety has offered the highest-quality personal protective equipment for over 40 years. Safety Supply is proud to partner with MCR Safety to supply the toughest and most functional gloves so you can get the job done right.


Leather Gloves

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Leather palms, drivers and welders available. These gloves are built for durability and comfort, whether you’re constructing a building or roping a calf. Heavy duty and rugged, leather gloves are made for the toughest jobs, all while keeping your hands cool and comfortable as you work. Options such as heat resistance and Kevlar thread available.

Multitask Gloves

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The options are limitless with MCR Safety multitask gloves. Choose from popular product lines such as Forceflex or UltraTech. These ergonomically-designed, attractive, synthetic gloves are designed for maximum back-of-hand protection and full range of motion. The bright colors provide optimal safety in low-light situations.

Cut Protection Gloves

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MCR Safety Cut Protection Gloves include strings, supported and synthetic. Choose from many varieties of DuPont Kevlar string knit gloves and sleeves or the popular Ninja product line to provide exactly the protection you need. Features include thermal protection, FDA-approved materials, tacky grip and bright colors for low-light environments.

Seamless Knit Gloves

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Coated seamless knit gloves include top-selling brands such as FlexTuff and Memphis. Features can include Nitrile-dipped palms, knuckles and fingertips or Latex palm and fingertips to reproduce the natural curve of the hand, cutting down on worker fatigue and maximizing productivity!

Cotton Gloves

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Cotton gloves come in canvas, jersey and terrycloth. Cotton canvas gloves are multipurpose and designed to keep hands clean and cool. Jersey gloves are great for light-duty projects. Terrycloth gloves actually get stronger when wet due to the looped pile fabric. They are excellent for handling extreme heat or wet conditions.

String Gloves

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String knit, sleeves, dipped and cut protection available. String knit features terrycloth for thermal and water protection. Sleeves can come with Kevlar or Steelcore and offer additional cut resistance. Dipped gloves include the FlexTuff and Ninja lines and are optimized for dexterity. The cut protection line features options like PVC dots for superior grip.

Supported Gloves

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Supported gloves come in cut and sewn, cut protection and dipped varieties. Cut and sewn gloves can come with vinyl protection for basic and garden jobs. Cut protection line includes 10-15 gauge options, abrasion resistance and strong grip. Dipped gloves come with options like Neoprene and FDA-approved craftsmanship for superior protection.

Unsupported Gloves

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Disposable and multiuse gloves are also available through MCR Safety. NitriShield and Sensagard technology available, for medical and industrial professions. Nitrile is used to avoid allergic reactions. FDA-compliant. We also offer multiuse gloves with superior protection against chemicals and acids, and their impermeability is tried and true around the world.