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Latchways Mini Personal Fall Limiter

The Latchways Mini Single and Twin Leg Retractable Lanyard is the most lightweight, compact self-retracting lanyard ever developed. It does not need an external energy absorber because it includes radial-energy absorbing technology. This product has been awarded the ISHN Readers’ Choice Award and is the ultimate in fall protection gear.

Featured Full Body Harnesses

MSA Safety leads the industry in high-quality hard hats and industrial safety helmets.

Companies like to do the “trust fall” as a team-building exercise. But if a life-threatening accident happens in real life, who do you trust to catch you? Make sure it’s the most trusted name in the industry since 1914. For over 100 years, MSA Safety has been saving lives with its safety equipment. In 1912, the founder witnessed a mine explosion in West Virginia, in which over 80 miners lost their lives. He resolved to spend the rest of his life manufacturing equipment that would prevent such terrible disasters. Safety Supply partners with MSA Safety because they share our goal of making the world safer, one person and premium product at a time.